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Washington Blues Society  advertising options for your venue, group or event –  contact our editor for more information

Print in the WBS Bluesletter

Copy & Ad Deadlines:
Content must be sent to Editor@wablues.org a minimum of One Month in Advance to allow for design and printing time. If you want to have your ad or event listed in the WBS Bluesletter, you must send your info no later than the 5th or the 15th of the current month to be printed in the coming month;i.e. Send info in May to be printed in June.

Editorial Copy: 5th  of the month   previous

Photography: 5th of the month previous

Ad Reservations: 5th of the month previous

Camera Ready Ads: 12th  of the month previous

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Print Ad Rates:


Size                    Dimensions                 B/W           color

HT X W  in mm

Full Page:             238 x 187.3                    $360       $450

½ Page vertical   238 x 91.3                       $210        $264

1/2 Page horizontal  116.66 x 187.3         $210       $264

Back ½: horizontal  116.66 x 187.3          $312      $390

¼ Page vertical        116.66 x 91.3            $120       $150

1/3 page vertical       238 x 59.3                $120  $150

1/6 page vertical      116.66 x 59.3            $120  $150

1/12 page square     56 x59.3                     $210    $264

Bus. Card:                56 x 91.3                    $36           $46

For COLOR: Add 25%


Print Advertising Discounts:

20% off – 12-month pre-payment

15% off –   6-month pre-payment

10% off –   3-month pre-payment


Print Advertising


Ads: Sent Only as Attachments

Black & White: Grayscale

Color: CMYK TIFs

Images: All High-Res 300 Dpi TIFs

Stories: Text or Word Attachments only



Click Thru Side Bar Graphic ad — $25 per month

Click Thru Banner Graphic — $50 per month.

Home Page – Click Thru add $50 per month

(All Ad artwork for online publishing must be jpg. file, no PDFs)


2021 Washington Blues Society Bluesletter Editorial Calendar
Month Editorial Ad Art Calendar* Final Pick-Up**  Cover  Lead Feature Sample Lead Article
Jan 2021 Dec 5 Dec 12 Dec 12 Dec 17 Dec 29 IBC Acts
Feb Jan 5 Jan 12 Jan 12 Jan 16
Mar Feb 5 Feb 12 Feb 12 Feb 16 Feb 23
Apr Mar 5 Mar 12 Mar 12 Mar 17 Mar 23
May Apr 5 Apr 12 Apr 12 Apr 17 Apr 24
Jun May 5 May 12 May 12 May 18 May 28
Jul June 5 June 12 June 12 June 18 June 26
Aug July 5 July 12 July 12 July 19 July 24
Sep Aug 5 Aug 12 Aug 12 Aug 20 Aug 28
Oct Sept 5 Sept 12 Sept 12 Sept 17 Sept 25
Nov Oct 5 Oct 12 Oct 12 Oct 15 Oct 23
Dec Nov 5 Nov 12 Nov 12 Nov 19 Nov 26
Jan 2020 Dec 5 Dec 12 Dec 12 Dec 17 Dec 25 (Open)

* The printed deadline for the calendar is always the 10th of the month. From the 10th-12th, as time permits, new shows may be added to the Bluesletter print calendar on the 12th.

** Pick-Up: Mail-out date and pick-up by Nelson Distributing (our Seattle downtown distribution partner)

*** Lead Features: Generally, a two-page article with several photos. When possible, the cover subject will have a corresponding feature article or link to a specific event in the issue.


Suggestions for Contributors


The Bluesletter welcomes articles and pictures that may be of interest to Washington Blues Society members and Bluesletter readers.

The following suggestions describe the publication’s requirements for editorial copy and pictures.


Editorial Contributions


All stories, blues show reviews, Letters to the Editor and CD reviews must be submitted as attachments, and not embedded in the body of an email, to editor@wablues.org. Please submit articles as attachments in plain text (.txt) or Microsoft Word. Please title the story with a file name that describes the copy, such as “CD Review Band Name by Author Name” or “Show Review Mark Hummell by Author Name.”


Pictures and Visual Art


Our printer, Pacific Publishing, requires all Bluesletter submissions to be formatted for traditional print media at high resolution. This generally means that photos pulled from social media or the Internet will not be suitable for print as they are often saved in low resolution (e.g. 72 dots per inch or less). For print, all photos must be sent as attachments in high resolution, 300 dots per inch, and all color images must be saved as CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) images only. Please title each picture with a unique title instead of using camera-supplied numerical file names, such as “Little Bill Show Photo by Photographer Name.”




Please email editor@wablues.org with questions regarding potential stories or photos. Please remember that the Bluesletter reaches not only a regional Pacific Northwest audience but readers across North America and the world. We have an active street team that distributions the magazine to well over 125 locations in the greater Seattle area and mail copies to blues clubs around the nation.