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The Blues Bash at Collector’s Choice Restaurant in Snohomish

The Second Tuesday of each month   7-930 PM FREE – 21+

Washington Blues Society presents the 2019 Snohomish Blues Invasion

 A Fundraiser featuring dozens of live BLUES acts in clubs on

 First Street in Historic Downtown Snohomish!

The Washington Blues Society presents The Snohomish Blues Invasion.

The Eleventh annual one-day pub crawl styled mini-fest in venues on First Street in Historic Downtown Snohomish will be held Sunday, November 17th from 1 pm to 10 pm. A Suggested $10 donation will be taken at the door, but we will turn no one away as the public is welcome to attend. All the proceeds go to the IBC fund to send our entrants to compete against over 200 acts on historic Beale Street in Memphis TN at the 2020 International Blues Challenge held January 28 to February 2, 2020. This year’s entrants are The CD Woodbury Band and the Blue Moon Marquee duo.

Historic First street will be filled with music from full bands, small groups and solo acts all day. Join the fun event that was the Winner of 2017 “Best of the Blues,” award for the” Best Non-festival event.” Once again, The Oxford Saloon*, Stewart’s and Piccadilly Circus Pub will host full bands and the smaller venues Grilla Bites*, and Looking Glass Coffee* shop will host acoustic acts. An FYI to parents Stewarts is a 21 over club, the others (*) are open to all ages.

The star-studded list of performers who are volunteering their time and talents for the event includes e IBC entrants the CD Woodbury Band along with Harp Dog Brown and his Uptown Blues band from British Columbia ,The T Town Aces and the Rece Jay Band, and the soulful 88’s,  from Tacoma and Seattle bands Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method, The High Note Group, The Shady Rays, Tera Plane, Eric Rice, Neal Fallen and  Borrowed Time, and more. The smaller venues will feature acoustic and small group sets from Stacy Jones,  Sheri, and Da boyz, Brian Butler, Nick Vigarino, The Blue Healers, Flying Blind, Greg Muratt, Dennis Griffiths,  Andy Koch, and the Badd Dogg Blues Society and more.

Oxford Saloon (1-10 pm) 913 first street – Snohomish WA 98292 

1-200 T Town Aces

215-315 Eric Rice

330-430 Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method

445-545 High Note

600 –700 Soulful 88’s

715-815 Harpdog Brown and the Uptown Blues band

830 -10 pm CD Woodbury Band

Stewarts (1-9 pm) 21+

709 First Street
98290 Snohomish, Washington

110 –210 Neal Fallen and Borrowed Time

225-325 Mad BoJo

345-445 Billy Appleton Band

500 –600 TUN

615-715 Shady Rays

730 –830pm Rece Jay Band

Looking Glass Coffee (1-7 pm)

801 1st St Suite 201 (11.30 km)
98290 Snohomish, Washington

1-150pm Sheri and Da Boys *

200-250 Brian Butler

3-350 Nick Vigarino

400-450 Stacy Jones

500-550 Altai

600-650 Reji Marc


1020 1st St 
98290-2939 Snohomish, Washington

1-145 Dennis Griffiths

2 -245 Greg Murat

3 -345 Blue Healers

4 – 445 Flying Blind

Piccadilly Circus Pub (1-9 pm)

1104 1st St 
98290 Snohomish, Washington

115-215 Jill Newman

230 –330 C.C Adams

345-445 Bad Dogg Blues

500-600 Hot Rod Red

615 –715 Terra Plane

730-830 Rafael Tranquillo




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