Hall of FameHall of Fame BandLifetime AchievementKeeping the Blues Alive
1991Isaac Scott2013 1st AWARD
1992Dick Powellsee list below1993 1st AWARD
1993Little Bill EngelhartPatrick Lynch
1994Buck EnglandCholo Willsin
1995Leslie Milton1996 1st AWARDRod Downing
1996Patti AllenBB King / John Lee Hooker/Bobby “Blue” BandRikki & Kevin Cates
1997Duffy BishopJohn MayallRaven & Sheri Humphres
1998Rich DangelLittle Bill & Luther AllisonRobert & Carol Sawer
1999Charles White &Dick Powell & Buddy GuyMarlee Wlaker
Kathi McDonald
2000Nick VigarinoIsaac Scott/ TajMahalMarlee Walker
2001Mark DufresnePatti AllenKen Page & Frankie Lee
2002Randy OxfordDave ConantRandy Oxford
2003Mark WhitmanRich DangelLeslie Fleury
2004Alice StuartPatti AllenRev. Dave Brown
2005Dave ConantRandy Oxford & Mark WhitmanRandy Oxford
2006Jack CookTommy MorganJeff Hayes & Lloyd Peterson
2007David BrewerFat James GrosvenorJimmie Jean Tuttle
2008Paul GreenAlice StuartRhea Rolfe
2009Kirk “KT” TuttleKirk “KT” TuttleDennis “Blues Boss” Dudley
2010Chris LeightonLee OskarHwy 99 Blues Club
2011L.J. PorterCharles WhiteTim & Michelle Burge
2012Tim “Too Slim” LangfordTim “Too Slim” LangfordTony Frederickson
2013James “Curley” CookeBand: Little Bill & the BluenotesNick VigarinoSteve Sarkowsky
2014Mark RileyBand: Alice Stuart & the FormerlysMark RileyPaul Quilty & Willow Stone
2015Kevin SuttonBand: Steve Bailey & the Blue FlamesRaven HumphresTom Hunnewell
2016Jim McLaughlinBand: Junkyard JaneJim McLaughlinEric Steiner
2017Lee OskarBand: Isaac Scott BandPaul GreenDennis “Zab” Zyvoloski
2018Billy StapletonBand: Charles White BandScott E LindRick J Bowen
2019Lissa RamagliaBand: Fat James Band Mark DuFresne Ed Maloney
2020Tracy Arrington "Stick Shift" Anne EastwoodAmy Sassenberg
2021Jimmy HoldenJimmy HoldenWinthrop Music Assoc
2022CD WoodburyLissa RamagliaRev Dave Brown

A brief History of the Washington Blues Society

Bluesletter #1
In Bluesletter No.1 the April 1989 Bluesletter, Ray Varner the WBS President said “We’re shiny
legal and squeaky clean! We have non-profit and tax exempt status with the Feds and the State of
Washington.” James Harmon was on the cover page and had an upcoming show April 4 th at the
Ballard Firehouse supporting his Rivera Records release Extra Napkins. There was a list with 42
original members requesting that those who hadn’t paid the balance of their $12 annual
membership to please pay soon so that there would be sufficient cash flow to “promote gigs, pay
postage etc.” and requesting that the 30 or so folks on the mailing list who are not yet members
to join up and thanking everyone for their support. The WBS also gave a shout out to several
people involved from the inception, graphic designer Scott Davis, Computer whiz Bill Yates,
interim Board members Marlee Walker, Terry Furlong and Catherine Cooper and to Patrick
Lynch for inspiration.

WBS History condensed version
Apr-June Marlee Walker, President
April ’89 The WBS also gave a shout out to several people involved from the inception, graphic designer
Scott Davis, Computer whiz Bill Yates, interim Board members Marlee Walker, Terry Furlong and
Catherine Cooper and to Patrick Lynch for inspiration.
Elections were held in February and the Washington Blues Society Board members are:
Ray Varner, President
David Hiscock, VP
Adam Evans, Secretary
Louise Edmonds, Treasurer
Susan Waterworth, Editor
In July 1990 the BOD was Nick Vigarino-President (the 1 st full term President), David Hiscock-VP, Patricia
Barber-Secretary, Ray Varner-Treasurer, Susan Waterworth-Editor.

Vol. III, No. 2 from Feb ’91. The WBS logo at the time was an acoustic guitar leaning up against a tall bar
stool. The letter from the President is from the newly elected Patrick “Fatcat” Lynch who was following
in the footsteps of Nick Vigarino. Pat got the Fatcat nickname from an old production company he had in
years past. At the time Pat was the co-manager at the Owl Café then home of the WBS monthly
meetings and the 1 st annual WBS Blues Awards to be held March 11 th , 1991. According to Pat, Kathy Hart
was the catalyst in pushing forward with the idea of hosting an annual blues awards show. The BB
Awards were born and there were to be 19 categories for the inaugural awards. (I do have a list of
winners if wanted.)
By the Sept issue DKH had assumed the Presidency. Since Board of Directors were not listed for several
issues I had to peruse several issues to determine that DKH is David K Hiscock. In his Sept Letter from the
Pres, David talks about the growth of the WBS as a result of the hard work of past Presidents Marlee
Walker (1 st ), Ray Varner, Nick and Pat; the BOD’s and our volunteers. The ’91 BOD was Patrick Lynch-
President, David K Hiscock-VP, Patricia Barber-Secretary, Terry Furlong- Treasurer and Susan
The 1992 BOD was DKH (David Hiscosk)-Pres, Tim Hickman-VP (through July or Aug) Cholo Willsin- Sec,
Rod Downing-Treas and Bill Yates- Ed
March ’92 The WBS Officers were Pres-David K Hiscock, VP- Tim Hickman, Sec-Cholo Willsin, Treas-Rod
Downing and BL Editor-Bill Yates. In the President’s Corner DKH noted that the Washington Blues
Society was not the “Ballard Blues Club” nor did one music venue dominate all WBS policies.
Nov ’92 there were nearly 400 members in the WBS. In Dec ’92 Tim Hickman was re-instated as VP and
it was noted that in June of ’91 Pat Lynch had resigned as President and then VP Dave Hiscock took over
the position.
Feb ’93 the General Meetings of the WBS were moved to Gregory’s up the street from the Owl at 5228
Ballard Av across the street from Hattie’s Hat, the new owners of the Owl were going to feature Irish
music. Also in ’93 the BOD expanded from 5 to 8 positions. Originally the discussions had been to create
two new VP positions charged with representing the interests of local musicians, club owners and the
WBS members.
In Mar ’93 the new BOD consisted of Pres- Cholo Willsin, VP Membership- Tim Hickman. VP Clubs- John
McNally, VP Musicians- Bob Freidenberg, Sec- Deb Ramirez, Treas- Jan Kisor, BL Editor- Bill Yates.
May ’93 the BB Awards were held with great success at the Salmon Bay Eagles in Ballard. The Bluesletter
was sporting a new logo featuring an F-hole Gibson 355

June ’93 The WBS presented Big Jay McNeely backed by the Brian Butler Band at the Folklife Festival
.Also on the bill were local favorites Nick Vigarino, Dave Conant & the D-Rangers, Seattle Women in
Rhythm & Blues and the Charles White Band. The annual membership in the WBS was $15.
The 1994 WBS Board of Directors was Cholo Willsin- President, VP Membership- Don Livingston, VP
Musicians- Rod Downing, VP Clubs- Ken Page, Secretary-Shannon Love, Treasure- Jan Kisor, BL Editor-
Bill Yates, BL Calendar Wendy & Doug Moe.
Double Cookin’ – James “Curley” Cooke & Rod Cook preformed at the June membership meeting held
on a rainy summer day at the Highliner at Fisherman’s Terminal.
Pioneer Square had 11 clubs with 1 cover-Old Timers, The Swan Café, The Central, J&M Café, Larry’s,
Colour Box, New Orleans, Doc Maynard’s, The Bohemian, Fenix Underground and Brothers Bistro.

May be an image of guitar and text