Power Of Numbers

Hi Blues Fans, (june18)
This year has definitely been the most challenging year I have had as the President of the Blues Society.
Normally we attend and support around 45 to 50 different events every year! I have become so use to
being out almost every weekend working with the booth team (Big Al, Chad, Paul, Ray, Rhea, Rick and
many others) at the festivals, conducting the business of the Society, selling raffle tickets, CDs and
clothing, helping musicians with their merchandise sales, and just generally doing all we could to add to
the events and the experience for all attendees and musicians. But now that the entire Festival season
has been postponed or canceled, I find myself really missing live music, the friendships and the all the
fun! We always work hard in the booth and that is how we have financed the growth of the Blues
Society and a lot of the programs we oversee such as the Musician’s Relief Fund, the Pass The Torch
Fund and supply the General Fund for publication of the Bluesletter, our Holiday party, our summer
picnic, and many other activities.
That’s why I have started our “Power of Numbers” fundraiser! As I said last month this will be a three-
month campaign to help keep all our programs funded as we haven’t been able to earn the money to do
so at festivals and other events. Fundraising this way is not my first choice, but we find ourselves on
difficult times and I am grateful that the membership and friends of the Washington Blues Society are
generous and passionate in their support of the Society.
I have to write the “Letter from the President” around the 12 th of the month to meet our publication and
printing deadlines. As I write this letter for the July issue, we are just two weeks into our campaign and I
am excited to report that we have had good response and find ourselves with just under $4000.00!
(That’s 20% of our goal). And that’s been donated by just 39 different people! What a great example of
the “Power of Numbers”. With as many members as we have and the proven generosity of all of you, I
am very hopeful we will not just make our goal, but exceed it! So please continue to donate through our
Facebook page, online at our website or just mail it in with your information to our address on the back
cover of the Bluesletter.
Every dollar helps and for those of you in the position to donate at the $200.00 level or above we will
extend your membership. All of us on the Board of Directors are very Thankful for your support and
Yours in the Blues, Tony Frederickson
President-Washington Blues Society Board of Directors-Blues Foundation (2015-2017)

Hi Blues Fans,

The last few months I have asked you all, members and friends, of the Washington Blues Society to do all you can to support our local musicians and other members of our communities and I am happy and proud to say many of you have done so and it has been encouraging and inspiring to see this happen! This will continue to be a challenging time for all of us, but I am certain we will come back and be able to go and see live music again hopefully sooner rather than later. I have been following the developments and see reasons to hope for a brighter outlook early in this upcoming year, we just need to get through the next six to ten months as safely as possible. Please continue to practice all the recommended actions to protect yourselves and your family and friends as we continue on this path to recovery.

I now need to ask you for your support of the Washington Blues Society. With the loss of the vast majority of our festival season and other summer events we have lost a great deal of our income that supports us in out efforts to preserve, promote and keep live music as a large part off our lives and culture. The membership is strong and helps, but we have had to make many cuts and need your help with financial support to get the Blues Society through the challenges of getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. We are a strong and large community and have always come through in support of all of the Musician’s Relief Fund, the Blues Society and all of our different programs. I hope you can help us as we move forward in facing these financial challenges.

In that spirit I am starting a “Power of Numbers” fundraiser! With our large membership if we all contribute; we can we can raise a great amount of money to support our many activities and the Bluesletter. We did this same kind of campaign when we helped with fundraising to aide in the public purchase of KNKX radio station, and we were very successful in our efforts.

I humbly ask all of you who can to donate $200.00 to the Washington Blues Society for the general fund. This is what we use to print the Bluesletter, to pay for our website and our many other programs. It’s very simple, make out a check to the WBS and mail it in along with a membership form filled out with your information and we will send you a tax deduction letter for use on your taxes as we are a 501c3 Non-Profit. We will extend or create a membership for you also! We have a very large membership and if just 100 people do this it will generate $20,000.00, half of our fundraising goal. If 200 do this it will generate $40,000.00 which is our ultimate goal. This will carry us through the rest of this year and well into next year! With over 1000 plus members this is a very realistic goal and a great example of the “Power of Numbers” I will keep you posted as we move forward and please feel free to reach out to me at: President@wablues.org.

As always, Thanks for your support!

Tony Frederickson

President-Washington Blues Society       Board of Directors-Blues Foundation (2015-2017)

Donate Here : https://wablues.org/about/membership/wablues-membership-form/#donate