2019 Best of the Blues (“BB Awards”) Nominations Open until Feb 12th 

Participation in nominating artists in the Washington
Blues Society’s annual awards program is one of the many
privileges of membership in the Washington Blues Society.
The most important things are to exercise your right to,
1) nominate, and 2) vote. Your participation is important to the process.
Who can participate?
Washington Blues Society members in current standing: See your
renewal date on your membership card or the label on the back cover
of this issue
How to Nominate
Simply write the name of the Washington artist or party in the category
on the ballot on page 31 of your Bluesletter.
We encourage you to nominate in as many categories as you can;
however, leaving some blank will not disqualify your nomination.
Your nomination must be on the Bluesletter mailed to you with your
mailing label attached. For couples, a photocopy used for the second
ballot should be included in a sealed envelope along with the original
ballot that has your mailing label attached. Ballots received without the
mailing label attached will not be counted unless membership has been
verified by the Board of Directors.
Please mail your ballot to the Washington Blues Society, PO 70604,
Seattle, WA 98127 or hand your ballot to a Board member on or before
the February Blues Bash.
Deadline: Tuesday, February 12th
Ballots received after this date either by hand or by post will not be
Not Eligible for Election
Previous recipients of both the Lifetime Achievement Award and the
Blues Musicians Hall of Fame are not eligible for a second award in
these categories, so don’t waste your vote. See list of recipients at the
Washington Blues Society web site www.wablues.org.
The BB Awards has several categories where a particular artist or event
has won the award many times. We have chosen to honor four of those
artists by naming those awards after them. This is in keeping with
the Blues Foundation and those individuals are no longer eligible for
nomination of these eponymous awards.
You must be a member of the Washington Blues Society to
nominate in our Best of the Blues Awards Process! All nomination
ballots must be received at our PO Box or by a Board Member
no later than Tuesday, February 12, 2019 (February Blues Bash).
Nominations received after that date won’t be counted. The ballot
will be reprinted next month to provide members with two full
months to participate in the nomination process. Please Mail Your
Ballot to: WBS, PO Box 70604, Seattle, WA 98127