IBC Finals August 20th in Snohomish

The 2017 International Blues Challenge Rounds /Semi Finals

The IBC Finals AUG 20th at Snohomish Taste of Music Festival  @ 12pm at Carnegie Park in Snohomish

$10 donation at door with all proceeds going to IBC fund to send the WBS Winners to Memphis in JAN 2018

Round 1 Winners :

Amber Sweeney (Solo)

CD Woodbury & F.A.T.T (Band)

Wild card entries: Emerald City Jug Band –Stanislove (Solo)

Round 2 Winners:

Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method (Band)

John”Grayhound” Maxwell (Solo)

Round 3 Winners:

Brett “Bad Blood’ Benton (Solo)

Gordon Townsend (Band)

Wild Card Entries: James A Brunner

Round 4 Winners:
 Jolene Gayle  (Solo)
The Sidemen(Band)
Wild Card Entries:
Vance Johnson (Solo)
Zach Cooper Band