Cool Down with the August Blues Bash

Cool Down with the August Blues Bash

Tuesday, August 8 from 7-9 p.m. at Capps Club (

Come listen to some hot licks in a cool club. Capps Club is a great place to cool down, dance to some blues, get a light bite and a refreshing drink. And the Blues Bash is always free.

This month we’re serving up some Piedmont-style country blues with SoLowLew in the 7 p.m. slot. You may have seen this truly original solo guitarist performing locally with a washboard artist or busking outside the Everett Xfinity Arena during hockey games. Known as SoLowLew, Tim Lewis, until recently, made his spendin’ cabbage by matching hockey-themed lyrics to songs by Blind Boy Fuller and Mississippi John Hurt. (Only in the Northwest!) Deciding to get deeper into the blues and honing his craft, he hung around some blues jams and received some appreciation and encouragement from the likes of guitar-songwriter pros Nick Vigarino and Kevin Andrew Sutton. Vigarino says, “SoLowLew fingerpicks the real deal blues of the ’30s and ’40s the way it’s supposed to be done!”

This hockey-fan-singer-songwriter with a penchant for punk, finds himself excited to bring the country blues to all kinds of audiences in recent shows with Ryan LaPlante, Happy Hour at Northwest Cellars in Kirkland Friday, August 4, and the Blues Bash Tuesday, August 8. Tim is also performing in Deming with the Hambone Wilson Band this month with Nick Vigarino, Joey Gilmore and Billy Stoops. You can learn more about Tim Lewis at

The Jesse Weston Band will pump us up in the second hour. Jesse is back after a year-long personal hiatus and fresh from winter gigs with the BaiLee Weston Band, featuring northwest legendary band leaders Steve Bailey and Brian Lee. You know when artists of this caliber want to collaborate, something special must be going on. Jesse Weston behind the piano and the microphone is a showstopper. His vintage keyboard tone, classic blues and modern grooves keep the room and the mood swingin’. Playing around the Seattle and Spokane areas the last several years, The Jesse Weston Band grew from a trio to a six-piece, playing festivals and taking home the 2014 Best New Band Award from the Inland Empire Blues Society.

The newest line-up features Jesse’s smooth vocals and keyboards layered between sweet guitar licks from Chris Ward, formerly of Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. Jesse admits he’s been through a tough personal time in the last few years, which saw the end of his marriage, but says he’s received incredible support from the blues community, so come out August 8 to give him some more love and bathe in the goodness he and his band have to share.